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Dynamic Amplification of Seismic Moments and Shear Forces in Cantilever Walls<br>M.J.N. Priestley, A.D. Amaris<br>Research Report Rose 2002/01

An Introduction to Structural Testing Techniques in Earthquake Engineering<br>T. J. Sullivan, R. Pinho, A. Pavese<br>Research Report Rose 2004/01<br>FUORI CATALOGO

LESSLOSS - A European Integrated Project on Risk Mitigation for Earthquakes and Landslides<br>Editors: G.M. Calvi, R. Pinho<br>Research Report Rose 2004/02<br>FUORI CATALOGO

Modelling and Analysis of High-damping Rubber Bearings for the Seismic Protection of Bridges<br>D.N. Grant, G.L. Fenves, F. Auricchio<br>Research Report Rose 2005/01<br>FUORI CATALOGO

Dynamic Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Frames Designed with Direct Displacement-Based Design<br>J.D. Pettinga, M.J.N. Priestley<br>Research Report Rose 2005/02<br>FUORI CATALOGO

Modelling Inelastic Response in Direct Displacement-Based Design<br>D.N. Grant, C.A. Blandon, M.J.N. Priestley<br>Research Report Rose 2005/03<br>FUORI CATALOGO

Displacement-Based Assessment of RC Columns with Limited Shear Resistance<br>P.A. Miranda, G.M. Calvi, R. Pinho, M.J.N. Priestley<br>Research Report Rose 2005/04

Defining Priorities and Timescales for Seismic Intervention in School Buildings in Italy<br>D. Grant, J.J. Bommer, R. Pinho, G.M. Calvi<br>Research Report Rose 2006/03<br>FUORI CATALOGO

Adaptive Pushover-based Methods for Seismic Assessment and Design of Bridge Structures<br>C. Casarotti, R. Pinho, G.M. Calvi<br>Research Report Rose 2005/06<br>FUORI CATALOGO

Development of a Displacement-Based Method for Earthquake Loss Assessment<br>H. Crowley, R. Pinho, J.J. Bommer, J.F. Bird<br>Research Report Rose 2006/01<br>FUORI CATALOGO

Seismic Design of Frame-Wall Structures<br>T.J. Sullivan, M.J.N. Priestley, G.M. Calvi<br>Research Report Rose 2006/02<br>FUORI CATALOGO

Residual Deformations in the Performance-Based Seismic Assessment of Frame Structures<br>S. Pampanin, C. Christopoulos, M.J.N. Priestley<br>Research Report Rose 2002/02

Seismic Soil-Structures Interaction in Large-Diameter Shaft Foundations <br> C. Beltrami, C.G. Lai, A. Pecker<br>Research Report Rose 2006/04<br>FUORI CATALOGO

Developments in the Prediction and Mitigation of Residual Deformations due to Seismic Demand, including Asymmetric Structural Response<br>J.D. Pettinga, S. Pampanin, C. Christopoulos, M.J.N. Priestley<br>Research Report Rose 2007/01<br>FUORI CATALOGO

Accounting for P-Delta Effects in Structures when using Direct Displacement-Based Design<br>J.D. Pettinga, M.J.N. Priestley<br>Research Report Rose 2007/02<br>FUORI CATALOGO

Structural Characteristics of Turkish RC Building Stock in Northern Marmara Region for Loss Assessment Applications<br>I.E. Bal, H. Crowley, R. Pinho, F.G. Gulay<br>Research Report Rose 2007/03<br>FUORI CATALOGO

Displacement-Based Seismic Design of Isolated Bridges<br>D. Pietra, G.M. Calvi, R. Pinho<br>Research Report Rose 2008/01<br>FUORI CATALOGO

Probabilistic Seismic Assessment for Hospitals and Complex-Social Systems<br>G. Lupoi, P. Franchin, A. Lupoi, P.E. Pinto, G.M. Calvi<br>Research Report Rose 2008/02<br>FUORI CATALOGO

Seismic design of torsionally eccentric buildings with U-shaped RC walls<br>K. Beyer, A. Dazio, M.J.N. Priestley<br>Research Report Rose 2008/03<br>FUORI CATALOGO

Out-of Plane Seismic Response of Unreinforced Masonry - Definition of Seismic Input<br>A. Menon, G. Magenes<br>Research Report Rose 2008/04

Influence of Clamping Stresses on the Shear Strength of Concrete Slabs under Uniform Loads<br>A.B. Acevedo, E.C. Bentz, M.P. Collins<br>Research Report Rose 2008/05<br>FUORI CATALOGO

A Method for Seismic Response Assessment of RC Frames Using Simplified Linear Approach Based on Response Factors<br>S. Peloso, A. Pavese<br>Research Report Rose 2008/06<br>FUORI CATALOGO

A Fibre Flexure-Shear Model for Cyclic Nonlinear Behaviour of RC Structural Elements<br>P. Ceresa, L. Petrini, R. Pinho<br>Research Report Rose 2008/07<br>FUORI CATALOGO

Derivation of Empirical Fragility Curves from Italian Damage Data<br>M. Rota, A. Penna, C. Strobbia, G. Magenes<br>Research Report Rose 2008/08<br>FUORI CATALOGO

Mitigation of Higher Mode Effects in Base-Rocking Systems by using Multiple Rocking Sections<br>L. Wiebe, C. Christopoulos<br>Research Report Rose 2009/01<br>FUORI CATALOGO

Interpretation of experimental shear tests on clay brick masonry walls and evaluation of q-factors for seismic design<br>S. Frumento, G. Magenes, P. Morandi, G.M. Calvi<br>FUORI CATALOGO

A Model Code for the Displacement-Based Seismic Design of Structures<br>Editors: G.M. Calvi & T.J. Sullivan<br>2009

Static Tests on Dry Stone Masonry and Evaluation of Static Collapse Multipliers<br>L.F. Restrepo Vιlez, G. Magenes<br>Research Report Rose 2009/02<br>FUORI CATALOGO

On the Development of Seismic Design Forces for Flexible Floor Diaphragms in Reinforced Concrete Wall Buildings<br>J.A. Rivera, R. Pinho<br>Research Report Rose 2009/03

Fundamentals of Solid Mechanics <br>K. Wilmanski<br>Lecture Notes ROSE - 2010/01<br>FUORI CATALOGO

Development and application of Nonlinear Static Procedures for plan-asymmetric buildings<br>G. Adhikari, R. Pinho<br>Research Report Rose 2010/01<br>FUORI CATALOGO

Displacement-Based Earthquake Loss Assessment: Method Development and Application to Turkish Building Stock<br>I.E. Bal, H. Crowley, R. Pinho<br>Research Report Rose 2010/02<br>FUORI CATALOGO

A Review of Glass Faηade Systems and Research into the Seismic Design of Frameless Glass Faηades <br>A. Lago, T.J. Sullivan<br>Research Report Rose 2011/01<br>FUORI CATALOGO

Performance-Based Seismic Design of Tall RC Wall Buildings<br>D. Pennucci, T.J. Sullivan, G.M. Calvi<br>Research Report Rose 2011/02<br>FUORI CATALOGO

Report on the Maule (Chile) February 27th, 2010 earthquake<br>L.D. Decanini, D. Liberatore, L. Liberatore, G. Magenes, A. Penna, L. Sorrentino<br>FUORI CATALOGO

A Model Code for the Displacement-Based Seismic Design of Structures DBD12<br>Editors: T.J. Sullivan, M.J.N. Priestley, G.M. Calvi 2012<br>FUORI CATALOGO

Performance-Based Seismic Design and Fragility Evaluation of Blockwork Wharf Structures<br>A. Calabrese, C.G. Lai<br>Research Report Rose 2012/01<br>FUORI CATALOGO

Performance-Based Seismic Analysis and Design of Earthfill Dams<br>H. Sanchez Lizagarra, C.G. Lai<br>Research Report Rose 2012/02<br>FUORI CATALOGO

Developing Direct Displacement-based Design and Assessment Procedures for Performance-based Earthquake Engineering <br>D.P. Welch, T.J. Sullivan, G.M. Calvi<br>Research Report Rose 2012/03

Bayesian Network Framework for Macro-Scale Seismic Risk Assessment and Decision Support for Bridges<br>S. Broglio, H. Crowley, R. Pinho<br>Research Report UME 2013/01<br>FUORI CATALOGO

Damage Control of Masonry Infills in Seismic Design - Report EUCENTRE 2013/01<br>S. Hak, P. Morandi, G. Magenes

Characterising the Seismic Behaviour of Steel MRF Structures - Report EUCENTRE 2013/02<br>T.J. Maley, T.J. Sullivan, A. Lago, R. Roldan, G.M. Calvi<br>FUORI CATALOGO

Developments in the Field of Displacement-Based Seismic Assessment <br> Editors: T.J. Sullivan, G.M. Calvi<br>Research Report Rose 2013/01

Characterising the Seismic Behaviour of Steel Beam-Column Joints for Seismic Design - Report EUCENTRE 2014/01<br>T.J. Sullivan, G.J. O'Reilly

Guidelines for the Performance-Based Seismic Design of Steel MRF Structures - Report EUCENTRE 2014/02<br>R. Roldan, D.P Welch, C.I. Nievas, T.J. Sullivan, A.A. Correia, G.M. Calvi<br>FUORI CATALOGO